David Yoon

I’m an engineering executive and like to build products/companies with world class teams solving practical problems. I build/advise/invest in companies via ylab and am exploring new ideas via SPC. I like working at the intersection of technology, academia, and government.

I was an early engineering leader at Samasource (recruited by Charlie Cheever) and built the first version of the Samahub platform. I helped the company grow from 5-200 across 3 continents and helped open the Kenya office. I was active in the early Nairobi tech eco-system and helped launch the local Ruby group. I advise companies/orgs in east africa and am part of the CTO network (please reach out if I can help).

I then worked in politics and government, first at FWD.us, where I led the engineering team working on immigration reform. We launched several advocacy/political tools to varying degrees of success, and I got to meet/learn from some of the best operators across both parties. I serve on the faculty of UC Berkeley teaching two courses on civic technology. I was an early core team member at USDR, partnering with Robin Carnahan to support counties/local governments in the early days of Covid and helped build their election worker management tool.

More recently, I’ve been working in value based healthcare, first as the head of engineering at Antara Health. Then as an engineering director at Cityblock Health. I helped launch projectN95.

I started my career in New York, where I was an early engineer at Sparknotes and Cake and Arrow. I studied computer engineering/computer vision at McGill University.

Based between Amsterdam and San Francisco.