David Yoon

I’m an engineer, leader, and investor. I typically work at the intersection of technology and complicated domains (healthcare, politics, economic development).

Currently I’m investing/advising companies via ylab. If you’re working on Ai, Healthcare, or Future of Work, please get in touch. I operate between Amsterdam and San Francisco.

I’ve been working in healthcare for the past 4 years, first in Nairobi as the head of engineering at Antara Health. Then as the engineering lead for projectN95, and as an early core team member at USDR. I was also an an engineering director at Cityblock Health.

Previously I worked in politics at FWD.us, where I led the engineering team and worked on immigration reform. I serve on the faculty of UC Berkeley teaching a course at the intersection of politics and technology.

My first company in SF was Samasource where I was an early engineering leader and worked closely with Leila. I spent time in Nairobi, wrote some early checks in companies and learned a lot about labor economics, development economics, crowdsourcing and RLHF.

I started my internet career in New York, where I was an early engineer at Sparknotes and an early employee at Cake and Arrow. My first job was in robotics and computer vision in Copenhagen. I studied Computer Engineering at McGill.

I’ve lived and worked in Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, and Copenhagen.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how technology can be useful and love learning.

Life is an adventure, go for it.